Sunday Brunch is my favorite thing in the whole world, the mimosas, the early lunch/ late breakfast feel is the best. Sundays are also the only day we have nothing going on. I try and support local business as much as I can and found the Oink Cafe on Instagram one day while searching #Bacon. Don't judge me. It took us about 45 mins to get across town to the Oink Cafe, but it is definitely worth the drive. The place is a good size with a vintage homely feel to it. Lime green walls, TVs and the smell of bacon in the air.The best part about this place is its dog friendly so we were able to take our girl and sit on the patio. The staff brought her a water bowl and she was in heaven with the bacon smells and bites under the table. 

We started out the brunch with a flight of bacon, 8 slices with various flavors, my favorite is the honey and the Jalapeño bacon. We ordered a flight of bloody Mary's and the most interesting one was the "verde" bloody Mary. Green lime, tomatillo mixture with vodka and lime. Highly recommended. I also love a good bloody Maria, tequila instead of vodka with bloody mix and a chicharron in there, why not? 

We then proceeded to order basically everything on the menu. Eggs  Benedict topped with pork Confit, Mac and cheese with pork Confit, Oink breakfast burger. The burger was huge, and after thinking with our stomachs we packed it up to go, but did share the rest of the items. 

The eggs Benedict were perfection, the mac and cheese was amazing also. There was a little bit of a bacon over load here and we did not eat for he next 18 hours, and I haven't had bacon since, but it was well worth the bacon over load. We couldn't fit dessert but if we had, I would have grabbed the bacon donut or the bacon cinnamon rolls. Life regret; not taking home bacon cinnamon rolls. 

A few hours later though, we had room for dessert. Ive been dying to check out The Cashew Cow. This place specializes in non-dairy desserts. They turn raw cashews into dairy-free ice creams with amazing flavors including vanilla, strawberry, lemon poppyseed, chocolate chip and cookie dough. I went with mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough. Amazing.You could never tell its non-dairy. Listen, after stuff our selves with bacon, the least we could do was have vegan non-dairy dessert. This is the way I function. Its all about balance. Healthy, not healthy, healthy.ok. The shop itself  was modern, chic and inviting. I just want to go in the back and mix up my own Vegan non- Dairy ice cream then hang out there al day long. Is that an option Cashew Cow?